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Websites are not a mere collection of webpages to display the information regarding an entity. Today, websites have become a form of communication through the digital media. Fates of entities having their websites is often decided by the impressions that websites make on the visitors. It is like the face of an organization or an individual in the digital world. And the face ought to be a nice one.

Websites are not just for the sake of making money. Rather, the right approach is that of artists with geeky brains. We realize the fact that websites tell stories and is sort of a digital experience for the end users. Therefore, the website has to be beautiful, not for the sake of our clients but for the sake of our own fulfillment and mental satisfaction from the quality of work that we do.

Our approach also addresses the question that when so many readymade themes for open source website development platforms like Wordpress are available, and is fairly easy due to their ‘point and click’ website building mechanisms, why spend money on website development companies like us? The answer is fairly simple – you must know the difference between a readymade suite and a tailor made, bespoke suit.

Yes, we create digital experiences that are unique and made only for you. We understand your requirements and ideas better than anyone else, and produce brilliantly crafted websites that can only make people awestruck. Certainly, no readymade template or drag and drop website builders can match our level of expertise, dedication and customization, at least not now.

However, not all companies engaged in this trade are as competent as they claim themselves. To be very honest, most of the companies adopt shortcuts and fool their customers in the name of providing custom-made websites. What they essentially do is to change the colors and combinations of the readymade, free templates and do worthless designs that are in no way better than the drag and drop builders. The change is made simply in the HTML and XML tags that count for the design aspect.

Apart from the design aspect, the hallmark of a truly good website design and development company is that they pay equal attention to the intuitive use and backend coding of the website. This is one part where no trickery works, and the engineer working on it has to be competent enough. Such competency of coding is tested in large scale websites and therefore, not every company provides ecommerce development service and can do low cost mobile application development for all the four popular platforms. You may get to hear many scary stories about web development in India, and the majority of them are true indeed. Use your discretion to pick and hire the best from the lot. If you need guidance, this post contains enough of those.


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The significance of social media in website designing process

In the recent past the growth of social media has increased by leaps and bounds and latest studies portrays that a large number of population are involved in accessing social Medias at all fronts. They are at the forefront of development process and involve significant number of participation of individuals. Over the recent years social networking sites have earned large scale popularity because of its distinctive and advantageous features. People all around the globe utilize this site s as a major tool for various purposes which include either promoting their services or hunting different products. In United States, a great number of individuals explore various social networking websites to accomplish various tasks associated with their businesses or personal needs. Moreover, these sites offer a platform to better reach the services to the general public and that also in an effective manner. Let’s discuss about the various benefits provided by the online social sites introduced in the latest years.

The prime advantages allow one to share information among various groups of people related to the work field or educational system. One vital aspect in this respect encompasses sharing of content to different websites and amalgamating several social equipments into a specific website. Therefore social media plays a vital role in fabricating a well performing website showcasing a pleasing design. This feature undoubtedly enhances the volume of traffic visiting a particular site and boosts the search engine rankings of the specific website. Apart from allowing the visitors to share and visualize the contents, greatly designed websites enables the visitors to leave a comment in relevance to a particular content. Today more than a billion web clients are on online networking. This implies that they all have online networking records, and as a rule an individual will have various records following numerous social networking systems permitting diverse sorts of client communications. Utilizing the new innovation that is accessible, you can empower your guests to sign into your site utilizing their social media accounts. Latest research revealed that nearly 60% of web clients lean toward social login to the conventional username/secret key login system. Coordinating this into your web designing service implies that you get extensively a bigger number of guests than different destinations as it will take out the requirement for guests to recollect yet another username and secret key. Also, it will offer you an opportunity to gather valuable information from their social profile which can help you enhance your personalization and become more acquainted with your group of onlookers better. Search engines are regularly scanning various profiles available on social networking sites to evaluate the significance of the web content and combining social media with website design techniques really generates fruitful results.

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There are many mid-sized companies that offer web design and development services to clients on a global basis. It may be that they are good companies offering decent service to their clients, but all of these companies might not be the best platform to launch one’s career and grow with the organization.

To begin with, the sign of a great employee friendly company is how it treats its new recruits and how they are supported to get acquainted with the workplace, colleagues and new roles. This is particularly important for those who are not seasoned professionals and are starting their careers in the world of IT enabled services.

By the phrase IT enabled services we mean business and knowledge process outsourcing, website design and development, search engine optimization and digital marketing. Almost all organizations operating under the hood of ITes provides their clients the services mentioned above.

As such, these companies are a good place to gain a firsthand experience about the IT world, so that candidates who work hard to develop their skills and gather experience for 2 – 3 years can switch to other firms. Although the change of job is against the interest of the companies, it is a bitter fact in today’s job market that if an employee stays in the same company for more than 3 years, the company should consider itself to be really lucky to have such loyal people on their team and should try out everything to retain such trained talents.

However, it is sad to notice that most of the companies impose negative restrictions and unethical strategies, so that candidates find it hard to switch to other companies that might offer better roles and off course, a hike in the salary. Ironically, these are the companies in which the attrition rate is at its highest, because such companies rarely fulfill the necessities of their employees in terms of training, skill development, work-life balance, timing flexibility, salary, holidays and many other things that employees expect. The companies try to maintain one sided affairs and their interest lies in extracting the maximum from their employees without giving proportionate returns according to standard corporate practices.

This is the scenario in the majority of grass root level companies that are engaged in providing web designing service in India. An ideal website development company in India that is engaged in delivering high value websites to its clients will never indulge in any such practices, because they full recognize and believe on the fact that such oppressive and negative tactics on its own employees will never yield anything substantial and sustainable. Instead, they focus on nurturing and developing the right attitude and skill set in their employees, apart from handsomely compensating the hard work and time their employees put into their work. Indeed, such a company is the most preferred place for employees, as one can see from the high rate of talent retention in these companies.

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Our unique approach towards the dream of Digital India

In some of our previous blog posts, you might have read many things about web design, web development, SEO, content writing, ecommerce, mobile apps and many other things that we do. But today you are about to know a secret, something that we haven’t revealed so far and this is the first time you will be able to read it.

How it all started?

Just after the launch of the Digital India campaign of the Government of India in collaboration with Intel and other blue-chip technology companies, our entire team was excited about the rapid pace of innovation and indigenous technological revolution that it can potentially accelerate.

As a web design and development company, we thought of participating in the challenge but then we decided to refrain from it, keeping in mind the limited knowledge capital we had at our disposal. Also, investing manpower for a cause that would contribute to the advancement of our country was a novel idea, but to be honest, we decided to keep focus on our main-stream business.

The management problem

However, we observed a growing restlessness among our young and energetic team members, who were exchanging ideas and talking about the GOI initiative when they were up for a coffee break or brainstorming to solve a client’s problem. As the management of a niche web design company, it captured our imagination. We asked ourselves a very important question – How can we channelize the creative energy of a vibrant team without jeopardizing the core business process?

The management responded

The answer came in the form of low cost web development – an approach that made a huge difference to the bottom-line of our company. Earlier, we were focusing only on niche segments that required high investments and months for development. But then, we realized that we can also accomplish a lot by delving into low cost web development solutions – something that can be done quickly, efficiently and without taking at hit from the financial standpoint. We placed the following argument before our team – we are going to develop simple websites, ranging from 1 page to 15 pages and along with that we are also going to provide the mobile-responsive version, besides delivering a custom-designed logo, all of these at a very low rate.

The reaction was wonderful

By doing this, we were able to capture the market that comprises of common people and small business with simple requirements while at the same time be able to increase the popularity of websites as a tool for promoting one’s business. In this way, we shall contribute towards our Digital India!

The whole team jumped at their feet as they thought that the idea and change in approach was worth giving a shot. From this point, there was no turning back. We know we are not doing something spectacular that might catch the attention of the national dailies, but we are surely doing our part in our own little way – satisfaction that comes from honest effort only.


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Search Engine Optimization?

Everyone needs on the search engine enhancement fleeting trend. At this point you have presumably read about the numerous traps and strategies, you most likely have even read numerous things about what I will be expounding on here.

Numerous have been doing this for quite a long time yet numerous that are simply beginning would not set out even think it: Misspelled and miss-wrote magic words. There I said it. Normal incorrect spellings as well as the way different nations spell the same word, for instance, I say "search engine advancement" they may say "search engine enhancement". The expression "search engine optimization" not just gets incorrectly spelled words; it will likewise get any one searching for search engine advancement over in the U.K. as that is the regular spelling for them.

I know you need to consistent with exploit this regular mistake that numerous individuals do, yet you may not have any desire to incorrectly spell stuff on your site on the grounds that regardless of the fact that you are attempting to get the misspellers of the world despite everything it doesn't look proficient. Article productions could presumably bail you convey your most loved incorrectly spelled words. Let’s say I need to advance the magic word search engine enhancement, I have effectively included it in this article 4 times.

There are still decides that you have to pass by in the event that you wish to take a stab at getting into the business sector of incorrectly spelled catchphrases. The #1 principle to utilize it don't and I rehash DO NOT make a space utilizing an incorrect spelling of a major no doubt understand site. The search engines will know you are simply attempting to catch the left over movement and will punish you in the rankings if not outright boycott you.

Utilize a decent program and see what your most basic incorrectly spelled watchwords are and attempt to put a few attentions on the best one and see what happens. You might simply make an offer. Until next time glad searching.

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At last, Someone Made The Web Design Process Easy To Understand

The best thing that should be possible for web outline is to abandon it to the originators! That is the thing that a ton of people especially web advertisers like me accept about the web configuration process.

When you visit a substantial web outline organization the chances are they outsource the work to an independent site fashioner simply as I do in the greater part of cases. You may have a present site outline venture, you may be redesigning a current site, or simply intrigued by adapting new aptitudes. On the off chance that so then this article will help you with your web outline process choice making.

At the point when your field of skill incorporates nothing identified with PCs or the Internet, characterizing what you require in a web configuration can feel difficult. Then again, I was worn out on running behind organizations, sitting tight for their reports on my site plan. You should first build up a key arrangement and configuration your site appropriately. Preceding planning your site, you must have an unmistakable seeing as to precisely what it takes to succeed. However, these objectives are about difficult to accomplish without taking in the guidelines that oversee Web webpage outline. Search for books on page and web plan. Utilize the web - there are a large number of locales that have instructional exercises and clarifications of each part of site configuration and execution.

Set the right inclination in your web outline with awesome shading! The configuration of your site is a vital piece of the showcasing procedure. Without an outwardly engaging, content rich, web index inviting site plan, your business is miles behind. Addition fancied writings, your logo outline, change catch names if necessary and the site is prepared to utilize. You outlined your site for your needs, not their needs. A compelling exquisite site configuration recounts your's business story in a straightforward, clear way. Yet, don't misunderstand me: there is nothing the issue with "pushing the envelope" of Web webpage outline. The utilization of fantastic liveliness for web configuration includes record size streamlining and expert advancement systems to empower quick downloading and similarity. With this more profound comprehension, you will have the capacity to apply more incorporated configuration practices to their regular work. Your interactive media streak site is no more helpless before your web originator. You can have your own particular ecommerce store, including progressed ecommerce site plan.

Exploit the best of element Web design, empowering you to plan, create, and keep up outstanding gauges based Web destinations. This makes the outline of an ecommerce site much simpler. The entire procedure of site advancement is in a staged way, subsequently decreasing any possibilities of any error while planning your site. Assembling a site is an exceptional mix of distributed, client interface outline, and innovation. There are contentions for doing your site plan in-house. It is sufficiently troublesome attempting to discover a web outline organization with these aptitudes, not to mention discovering the ability in-house. However web outline, website improvement and copywriting is an extremely concentrated region. Configuration isn't just what you see, its additionally what you think and feel as you explore a Web website. Granted, learning HTML is an imperative piece of outlining a fruitful site